We love them for their music.

We love them for their music.
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Writing and art journal for two obsessive fangirls.

About biskett23 as told by blessedangel13

Name: Eri
Sex: Female
Favorite color: Orange (o.O?)
Favorite Super Junior member: Kim Heechul
Favorite KAT-TUN member: Ueda Tatsuya
Favorite DBSK member: Jaejoong
Favorite JRocker: Gackt, unless she remembers Mana XD or Miyavi, then it's still Gackt, but with Mana and Miyavi. xD
Other Faves: She loves Yamashita Tomohisa from NewS (thinks he is one of her Japanese husbands)

She enjoys long walks on the beach, virgin pina coladas and massages by men who have chocolate (aka six pack). Oh, she likes chocolate too, the real kind. She is looking for male, about 5'9", shops in the women's section of clothing stores, straight, and has a strange attraction to older female singers named after green vines that make you itch. XDDDD

She will include edits here: XDDDD

None yet, because I'm lazy

About blessedangel13 as told by biskett23

Name: Daya
Favorite Color: Baby blue...Hot pink (like Sungmin =D)
Favorite Super Junior Member: The hot ones? Okay, well, her first Suju love was Eeteuk, and then somehow it changed to Yehsung. He gets edited out alot right? So, I think its just pity XD
Favorite KAT-TUN Member: Akanishi Jin
Favorite DBSK Member: Yunho, but she loves Yoochun (and is forced to share with me =D)
Favorite J-rocker: Gackt ^^
Other Favs: Oh, she just loves Ryo from NewS. I mean...she loves him a little tooo much...you know what I mean?
Jkjkjk XD I dunno who else she loved *shrugs*

She enjoys the smell of coffee because it reminds her of bookstores (O.o) She loves April 25, because its not to hot not to cold. All you need is a light jacket. She is attracted to the quiet types that get edited out of everything, unless he has something important to say, which rarely happens ^^

Her edits are as follows:

Sorry for the error, but her edits have been edited out.

Both of us, being as truthful as possible:

We are sisters. And unlike usual sisters we hear about, we are very close. ^-^

Favorite colors: certain shades of, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
Favorite Super Junior members: Yehsung and Heechul, but we love each member except for Eunhyuk because his pr0n watching kinda shocked us a bit, and his smile creeps us out. and blessedangel13 is starting to think that Kangin really isn't so bad after all, as well as Shindong, although biskett23 disagrees with the part about Kangin A. LOT. Really, every single member has a place in our hearts. ^-^
Favorite KAT-TUN members: JinDa, I mean Jin and Ueda
Favorite DBSK members: Micky is both our favorite, but not really because we love Jaejoong, Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu and Yunho just the same. 8D
Favorite JRocker: Gackt, hands down. ^-^ Except for Mana... and Hyde... and sometimes Miyavi. >>

About our writing:
We update as often as we can. We actually only have one collaborative piece called SM Instant Messenger (Original title, no? XD).

There is one other piece in the making, but we'll leave that a surprise for now.

As much as we love to write our schedules are as follows:


Her day usually goes from 5:00AM to 6:00PM, when she finally gets home and has to finish her homework. She writes whenever she has free time, and dies if she doesn't draw at some point during the day. She ends up passing out between 9:00pm and 12:00am, depending if she is on the phone with her sister, but 50% of the time, she falls asleep on her. xD

Sometimes she has time in her busy schedule to do what she loves most. (No, not Heechul. XD) Art and writing. But that in itself is a process that she just can't finish in one day. She has a little more time over the weekend than throughout the week, if she has access to a computer to write, or her drawing pad, that is.


As much as she likes to say that she has all the time in the world to do stuff, college sneaks up behind her and eats her alive. o.o Studying, studying and more studying, if she wants to pass her classes, however, that's not usually what happens. She procrastinates by checking her LJ's friend page to see new updates on her boys, wastes time, and then decides that she might want to write her paper that's due in three hours (after staying up all night, mind you). She then sleeps through classes, and writes during the wee hours of the morning after taking a refreshing nap. She needs to sort out her priorities.

She is attempting to learn Japanese in her spare time, but gets distracted by all those Korean shows she enjoys watching.

About biskett23's art:

When she first picked up a pencil (or pen, we don't remember which. It could have been a crayon for all the family remembers XD) she began to draw. She didn't like drawing stick figures much. and so, when she felt her art was not as good as some that she had aspired to become like, she started drawing hardcore. Just over the past year, she has improved in her artwork tenfold. (as told by her own personal art appreciator blessedangel13 You're welcome. XD)

She also colors some of her pictures on the computer after scanning the inked pictures. She loves making icons and is currently learning how to make layouts. In whatever free time she makes for herself, she is teaching herself Korean.

About blessedangel13's art:

There's no such thing. Don't ask.

Edit: She can make icons. Hasn't practiced, but she likes to try. :D She's also trying to learn how to make layouts... you know all that CSS and other tech stuff like that.

Sorry about having to read so much. xD